Mathematics and Technology in the Body of Education: the Gender Perspective
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International Conference

18-19 December, 2007    University of Thessaly, Volos, Greece

Conference Focus
Sciences and in particular technology and mathematics embody the modernist dream of power, progress and development through either educational and/or everyday practices that aim to tame the human body and to cultivate the mind towards the capacity of logical thinking. There is growing evidence that people have limited participation in studying mathematics and technology due to gender, ethnicity and class. In particular, sciences and education –as human science- are seen as two distinct and dichotomized worlds. Whilst scientific practices are being viewed as ‘hard’ and masculine, education is approached as ‘soft’ and feminine. What is, then, happening when mathematics and technology, two traditionally masculine fields of knowledge, enter the ‘body’ of education? Do they remain ‘masculine’ areas or do they become feminized or even hybrid subject areas? What might be the effects of a ‘masculine’, ‘feminine’ or ‘hybrid’ approach on science teaching and learning, as well as on human minds and bodies? How dominant scientific discourses are being re-contextualised in educational practices and how a gendered analysis can assist efforts in realizing hybridity and diversity as alternative voices in school science?

The conference is part of a research project that addresses the issue of school mathematics and technology and aims to address the current thinking and research on gender, mathematics and technology as they interact within the body of education. The scope of the conference includes –but is not limited- the topics detailed below:

Embodied Approaches on Gender and/or Science
Masculinities, Femininities, Hybridity and Scientific Knowledge
Social Perspectives on Gender and/or Science
Science and Technology Studies
Gendered Bodies, Identities and Scientific Discourse
Gender, Mathematics, Technology and the School Curriculum
Gender, Communication, Language, Discourse and the School Curriculum
Gender, Race, Class and Scientific Discourse(s) in Education
Self-image, Self-regulation, Self-efficacy, Gender, and Sciences in Education

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